Add >1% to your Bottom Line

Optimizing your product revenue cycle from demand-generation to the capture and recovery of revenue.

The Challenge:

Semiconductor and electronic-component manufacturers operate in a dynamic and complex demand chain. Customer can purchase products thru a multitude of channels across multiple regions. Globalization, the high rate of new product introduction, the cyclical nature of the market, the demand/supply mismatches and the rapid acceleration of technology obsolescence present new challenges for sales, marketing and operations.

Components Direct Platform Solutions:

Components Direct's platform and solutions are designed for, and optimized for, the unique needs of manufacturers. By enabling a seamless, end-to-end process, from creating visibility into opportunities, to pricing and revenue optimization, to managing fulfillment and logistics, CD's integrated approach improves visibility into demand, preserves and builds brand equity, increases revenues, and reduces margin erosion.

To learn more about how Components Direct solves the unique challenges of your business, select from the challenges below:

  • New Product Introduction (NPI) - How do you generate market awareness for a new product and ensure the right customers are finding you?
  • Excess Inventory - How do you ensure you are moving inventory as quickly and profitably as possible while maintaining a high level of customer service?
  • End-of-Life (EOL) - How do you support customers beyond the product life cycle, while avoiding excess cost and bottom-line impact?
  • Gray Market and Counterfeit Components - How do you avoid the risk of counterfeit or sub-standard parts entering your supply chain?