Top level visibility.
Top of mind results.

Components Direct delivers the highest levels of visibility and global exposure for your products, so you can connect with the right customers at the right time.

The Challenge:

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way in which your end-consumers are researching, evaluating, and selecting products. More and more design-in activity is taking place with engineers in remote offices who rarely, or almost never, have any contact with a salesperson. Instead, they are leveraging the Internet and search engines to find and purchase products. Today more then 5,000,000 engineers are turning to the internet to aid them in 1st level product selection in their design process. Global outsourcing is making these actual design engineers more and more difficult to capture by conventional sales methods. Online-demand creation is becoming a "must" to growing market share, mind share, and to capturing missed opportunities and maintaining existing ones.

Components Direct Platform:

Components Direct's platform is engineered to provide the highest levels of visibility and global exposure for you, and your products, by applying proven SEO and marketing techniques to ensure your customers always find you when their search is top of mind. Built by people who understand the semiconductor and IT industry, Components Direct's platform and solutions are optimized, from the ground-up, for the complex needs of manufacturers and their broad inventory of products.

Components Direct provides end-to-end cloud-based platform and global- fulfillment infrastructure, allowing our clients to address their NPI challenges by enabling manufacturers to:

  • Obtain a high quality, search-optimized website and direct-buy web-store
  • Gain global exposure and mind-share with the most qualified sales leads
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Reduce sales, operations, and marketing costs
  • Increase the return by capturing higher ASPs for your products.