The goal is simple.
Move inventory as profitably as possible.

Unmatched control and visibility of your products so you can get them off your shelf, and off your books, as quickly and profitably as possible.

The Challenge:

Invariably supply chains will encounter a product that was produced or bought for an intended build or sale, yet, for whatever reason, lost the original need or whose function never materialized. Left with excess inventory, and pressure to avoid bottom-line impact, companies may turn to a growing and detrimental gray market as a means to dispose of the inventory. Gray-market products accounted for between 5 percent and 30 percent of total IT sales in 2007, with a value of about $58 billion, according to a 2008 report by KPMG LLP and The Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement (AGMA). And the market is only getting bigger, resulting in experiences that not only erode consumer satisfaction and damage brand integrity, but also create significant price erosion and operational risk for manufacturers.

Components Direct Platform Solutions:

Components Direct's proven technology platform and global fulfillment infrastructure provide a flexible, end-to-end solution for take-back and value recovery on customer excess, avoiding the result of products turning up in the gray market. Manufacturers maintain control of their products and are empowered with the tools to target new markets for their excess inventory, and dispose of the products quickly and easily so they do not weigh on the bottom line or tie up valuable cash resources.

Components Direct's Platform Solutions allow our clients to address their excess-inventory challenges by:

  • Enabling manufacturers to offer take-back and value-recovery solutions to customers, thereby enhancing customer relationships.
  • Identifying and sourcing new markets for excess inventory, while positioning them to maximize revenue